Nuth and Kääb coregistration

Nuth and Kääb coregistration#

Nuth and Kääb (2011) coregistration allows for horizontal and vertical shifts to be estimated and corrected for. In xdem, this approach is implemented through the xdem.coreg.NuthKaab class.

For more information about the approach, see Nuth and Kääb (2011).

import geoutils as gu
import numpy as np

import xdem

Example files

reference_dem = xdem.DEM(xdem.examples.get_path("longyearbyen_ref_dem"))
dem_to_be_aligned = xdem.DEM(xdem.examples.get_path("longyearbyen_tba_dem"))
glacier_outlines = gu.Vector(xdem.examples.get_path("longyearbyen_glacier_outlines"))

# Create a stable ground mask (not glacierized) to mark "inlier data"
inlier_mask = ~glacier_outlines.create_mask(reference_dem)

The DEM to be aligned (a 1990 photogrammetry-derived DEM) has some vertical and horizontal biases that we want to avoid. These can be visualized by plotting a change map:

diff_before = reference_dem - dem_to_be_aligned
diff_before.plot(cmap="coolwarm_r", vmin=-10, vmax=10, cbar_title="Elevation change (m)")
plot nuth kaab

Horizontal and vertical shifts can be estimated using xdem.coreg.NuthKaab. First, the shifts are estimated, and then they can be applied to the data:

Then, the new difference can be plotted to validate that it improved.

diff_after = reference_dem - aligned_dem
diff_after.plot(cmap="coolwarm_r", vmin=-10, vmax=10, cbar_title="Elevation change (m)")
plot nuth kaab

We compare the median and NMAD to validate numerically that there was an improvement (see Measures of central tendency and dispersion):

inliers_before = diff_before[inlier_mask]
med_before, nmad_before = np.median(inliers_before), xdem.spatialstats.nmad(inliers_before)

inliers_after = diff_after[inlier_mask]
med_after, nmad_after = np.median(inliers_after), xdem.spatialstats.nmad(inliers_after)

print(f"Error before: median = {med_before:.2f} - NMAD = {nmad_before:.2f} m")
print(f"Error after: median = {med_after:.2f} - NMAD = {nmad_after:.2f} m")
/home/docs/checkouts/ UserWarning: Warning: 'partition' will ignore the 'mask' of the MaskedArray.
  a.partition(kth, axis=axis, kind=kind, order=order)
Error before: median = -2.33 - NMAD = 3.42 m
Error after: median = -0.01 - NMAD = 2.51 m

In the plot above, one may notice a positive (blue) tendency toward the east. The 1990 DEM is a mosaic, and likely has a “seam” near there. Blockwise coregistration tackles this issue, using a nonlinear coregistration approach.

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