Terrain attribute calculations, such as slope, aspect, hillshade, curvature and ruggedness indexes.


aspect(dem[, method, degrees, use_richdem])

Calculate the aspect of each cell in a DEM, returned in degrees by default.

curvature(dem[, resolution, use_richdem])

Calculate the terrain curvature (second derivative of elevation) in m-1 multiplied by 100.

fractal_roughness(dem[, window_size])

Calculates the fractal roughness, the local 3D fractal dimension.

get_quadric_coefficients(dem, resolution[, ...])

Computes quadric and other coefficients on a fixed 3x3 pixel window, and that depends on the resolution.

get_terrain_attribute(dem, attribute[, ...])

Derive one or multiple terrain attributes from a DEM.

get_windowed_indexes(dem[, fill_method, ...])

Return terrain indexes based on a windowed calculation of variable size, independent of the resolution.

hillshade(dem[, method, azimuth, altitude, ...])

Generate a hillshade from the given DEM.

maximum_curvature(dem[, resolution, use_richdem])

Calculate the signed maximum profile or planform curvature parallel to the direction of the slope in m-1 multiplied by 100.

planform_curvature(dem[, resolution, ...])

Calculate the terrain curvature perpendicular to the direction of the slope in m-1 multiplied by 100.

profile_curvature(dem[, resolution, use_richdem])

Calculate the terrain curvature parallel to the direction of the slope in m-1 multiplied by 100.

roughness(dem[, window_size])

Calculates the roughness, the maximum difference between neighbouring pixels, for any window size.

rugosity(dem[, resolution])

Calculates the rugosity, the ratio between real area and planimetric area.

slope(dem[, method, degrees, resolution, ...])

Generate a slope map for a DEM, returned in degrees by default.

terrain_ruggedness_index(dem[, method, ...])

Calculates the Terrain Ruggedness Index, the cumulated differences to neighbouring pixels.

topographic_position_index(dem[, window_size])

Calculates the Topographic Position Index, the difference to the average of neighbouring pixels.